Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sort YouTube Videos By Date In Chrome

When searching on YouTube, one often faces the dilemma of being unable to find recently uploaded videos on top of the search result list. Suppose you are looking for the recent highlight of a football match, YouTube will instead show the results of matches that were held some one or two years ago. And if you are searching for a recent movie trailer, you might end up getting older videos on top of the search result (e.g. trailers of the previous part of the movie). These are just two of the countless examples. If you get frustrated by this, then Double Click YouTube Sorted By Date extension for Chrome will come useful. It sorts videos on YouTube search result page by date. Therefore, you can view the most recent videos on top of the result rather than having to sweep through old videos to find the recent one.
In the below screenshot you can see that some very old YouTube videos are being displayed on top of the YouTube search result. With the help of this extension, by double clicking on the search page, the recent videos are displayed first (as shown in the next image).

As you can see the YouTube page got sorted by the recent videos on top of the search result by double clicking on the same YouTube page.

Create And Customize Charts In PowerPoint With oomfo Add-In

Creating multiple charts in PowerPoint can become quite a task, as you have to practically create an Excel spreadsheet for each chart to plot data. If you need to quickly create presentations in PowerPoint with multiple charts, oomfo is a viable alternative to PowerPoint native Chart tool. It is an addin for PowerPoint with all the necessary tools that are required in creating, designing and customizing different chart elements. It presents a wizard with 9 simple steps for designing stunning charts. All you need is to go through the wizard to insert the chart in selected PowerPoint slide. Furthermore, you can change every bit of the chart, including, axis, gridlines, divisional lines, axis labels, specify chart legend type and transparency, while many chart layout related customizations are provided to make chart look as per your likings.
Before installing the add-in, make sure that PowerPoint is not running in the background. After the installation, open PowerPoint and head over to Insert tab. You will see an oomfo section on ribbon with three 3 options, Insert Chart, Edit Chart, and Export. To begin, open the slide and click Insert Slide and follow the wizard steps.

The first step is to specify type of chart from a long list of chart types. Once done, move to Chart Data to enter data values which you wish to plot on chart. The Chart Cosmetics comprises of slew of features to change default chart layout, and to create and apply new designs. In Data Properties, you can choose how to display data labels and data values. Title for each axis can be specified under Axis and Titles. The Divisional lines refers to setting up horizontal and vertical gridlines.
Once you’ve done designing chart into required form, click Finish to insert chart into current slide.

You can export the chart to image format to give presentation on any system without requiring oomfo. Click Export Chart As Image from Export menu to convert the chart into image format.

oomfo works with PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007, and PowerPoint 2010.

Friday, March 11, 2011

swifText For Android – Faster Text Messaging With Pop-Up Notifications

If you find it bothersome to launch Android’s built-in messaging application or to drag down the notification bar every time you need to reply to a received text message, then swifText for Android is a text messaging alternative you might want to consider. The freeware can be set to display pop-up notifications for each received text message in addition to the usual status bar notification and allows you to reply immediately from within said pop-ups, making swifText a faster alternative to the default Android messaging application.
In addition, the application sports a sleeker UI that certain users might prefer over the minimalistic interface of the built-in messaging application.
The primary purpose of swifText, as its name implies, is to make viewing and replying to incoming text messages zippy and painless. The better looking interface is a mere bonus. In fact, it is possible that you might prefer the plain and simple UI of the built-in application, in which case you should let it remain your default messaging application.

If, however, you would rather have better looking message threads and don’t mind advertisements then you might want to set swifText as your default messaging application. To do that, simply press the menu button on your device while on the Messaging (Inbox) screen, tap Settings, check the the first option from the top (Use swifText) and in the pop-up that appears, check Use by default for this action and selectswifText from the list of displayed messaging applications.

The application also allows you to turn status bar notifications and home screen alerts/pop-ups on and off. So if you simply want a better look for your message threads but would rather not have pop-ups crowding your home screen every time a text message is received, you may uncheck Show Alert from theSettings menu of the application.

Head on over to the Android Market to get swifText or simply scan the provided QR code.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

AllDup Scans Every Data To Find And Remove Duplicate Files

If you’ve found some duplicate files while visually scanning different folders, it’s an indication that all the drives must be checked for the duplicate files and folders. Before choosing a duplicate file cleaner, do check that to which extent it can search and apply filters using regular expressions and if it considers NTFS junctions as duplicate or not. AllDup offers a quick way of finding and removing duplicate files while supporting almost multiple types of filters to narrow down the search. It was developed to be light on system resources, so you can carry on with your work during the scanning process. An option to include or exclude NTFS junction points is also available to include or exclude folders from scanning which are referring to other (linked) folders.
With AllDup, you can define search criteria according to your system current state. You can for instance choose to thoroughly scan the system for duplicate files by enabling file content byte-by-byte compare option or check most recently added folders and files only.
The main interface allows you to directly start the scanning process. Before starting the process, choose source folders, set search criteria and options, and apply necessary file and folder filters.
The Search Criteria presents a slew of options to tailor the search process. For deep scanning, don’t forget to enable Content (Byte by byte compare) option followed by specify File Content options.
Similarly, you will find settings in Search Options, File Filter and Folder Filter windows to customize the search process. After you’ve set up the required options, click Start Search to begin the search process. It is must be noted here that file content based search may take a little longer than normal scanning process. Once the scanning is completed, it will list down all the groups which contain duplicate files. Apart from options present in toolbar, you can open, move, and delete the groups having duplicates from right-click menu.
You can find more details regarding each provided feature on author’s product page. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

youtubeFisher Downloads YouTube Videos In Full-HD (3072p) Format

youtubeFisher v3.0 Beta for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 has been released with minor changes and support for additional video formats including the Full-HD (Super HD 3072p) format. That’s right. The standalone open source YouTube downloader now allows you to download YouTube videos at the eye-watering 4096×3072 resolution.
You may view the supported formats in the screenshot given above. The application can be downloaded from the developers website. The link at the bottom will take you to the download page. Make sure you have the required video codecs before attempting to play downloaded YouTube videos.

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