Friday, July 17, 2009

How to Make Money Online Without Spending Money

Guest Post by Dalirin

In the business world, you are required to spend money in other to get more money. This separates the serious business owners from the non-serious ones. But having an online business is different from the traditional business. In the online business, you can use a blog and make money from it. You don't have to spend money hosting your blog or to pay for any service. If you want to make money online without spending any money, these are what you should do.

1. Get a free blog:- Any one would work just fine, but the blog of most internet marketers is blogger. This is easy to create and set up. You would have to decide if you want to make money with contextual ads or through affiliate program. After you have decided what you want to do, you would go to blogspot and publish the post you have written.

2. Get Traffic to the Blog:- After publishing your blog post, the next thing you want to do is to get traffic to the blog because traffic, your blog is like a fish swimming in the pacific ocean. Without traffic, your blog is another blog that is in the blogosphere that no one knows about. You can get traffic by commenting on other people's blog, being active in forums, doing article marketing and social bookmarking. All these methods are free. They just require your time.

3. Track Your Traffic:- When you see that you are getting traffic to the blog, install a tracking code to see where your visitors are coming from. There are many free tracking codes to use on your blog. Check where the traffic is coming from and capitalize on that traffic. By this I mean you would continue doing what you were doing to bring more of that traffic. If you are getting traffic and you are not making any money yet, that means that you have the wrong traffic. Check your traffic stats again and see where the second source of traffic is coming from. Put more effort so that you get more of that traffic and maybe you might start making money money.

Making money with contextual ads such as adsense needs more work. It required you to get traffic from search engine to get clicks on the ads. Affiliate marketing is much easier because if you do article marketing, people would find your article from search engine and click to your blog. If you have more articles that they like, they might click on your affiliate link and buy a product you recommended. It is easier for search engine bots to see and index your article on article sites than them to index your blog because your blog don't have much authority like the article site. It would take a while for your site to reach that type of authority.

Author Bio
Dalirin is a blogger that likes blogging about how to make money online at Blogsnd.

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