Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some Easy Ways to Make Money Online from Craigslist

Guest post by Anil Gupta

Most of us know Craigslist as the biggest classified website on internet where we can find items we want on cheap prices. But there are very few people who actually know how to make money online with Craigslist. In this small guide, you will be presented with some easy ways to make money with Craigslist:

Sell items on Craigslist - this is the best method if you need some instant cash. Spend some time in your house, office and garage and find items that are of no use for you. If you have a big list of such waste items, make that list for sale on Craigslist. When someone agrees to buy your items with the prices you specified, you will be able to make some cash in exchange of waste items.

Buying and reselling items - another way to make money online with Craigslist is buying items at cheap rates from wherever you can find and then resell them on Craigslist with some profit. And the key to get maximum profit from Craigslist is going for items that are in high demand and where there is big difference between buying and reselling rates.

Finding a job - You can even use Craigslist to find both full time and part time jobs. If you are unemployed, you can use their service to find a full time job. And in case you already have a job, you can use Craigslist website to find a part time job that will help you earn some extra cash. You can find jobs by making search with the keywords related to your position or according to the kind of work you perform.

Advertise your services - if you are good in something, you can offer this as a service on Craigslist and charge for your services. If people need the kind of services you are offering, they will contact you and pay good amount of money for your work. Suppose you are an expert writer about a particular industry, you can post a classified on Craigslist mentioning your services and rates per article or per word that you write.

Apart from these methods, there are many more ways to make money online with Craigslist. So which method you are going to use to earn some extra cash from Craigslist?

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