Sunday, October 18, 2009

How To Create Effective Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

Guest Post by Gagandeep Singh

Effective landing Pages are very important to convert the traffic you get from PPC in to customers. The success and failure of your online campaign depends completely upon the quality of your Landing page. In this post I am going to discuss some tips which you can implement to make your landing page more effective with increased conversion rate.

Clear Call to Action: - You should define your objectives clearly before designing your landing page for your PPC campaign. It could be anything like selling a product, getting some information, giving some free products etc.

Relevance to the Ad: - Make sure that your landing page is relevant to your ad. If the ad user clicks to reach your website offers them a free report than you landing page should contain a clear link to download that report for free. Don’t direct them to general page where user needs to search for the offer and leave your website in Frustration. The traffic you get them from PPC Campaigns is much targeted and has a specific goal in their mind. Hence, it’s better to design separate landing pages for each offer and direct traffic to these landing pages.

Scan able: - Nobody is going to read each word of your Landing Page. They Will Scan your Page looking for important point and try to gather as much information as can. Design your Landing Page in a way so that important points could be easily spotted. Make them Bold So that important points can stand out from the rest of your Landing Page.

Inverted Pyramid Structure: - While designing your Landing page. Put the conclusion and important points at the top and other less important information at bottom. As if your prospects have to scroll down to search for the important information they may not find it and hence won’t convert.

Building Credibility: -You need to build credibility among your customers before selling anything to them. Adding Honest Reviews and testimonials are great way to build trust between your customers and encourage them to take the desired action.

Remove Distractions: - Your Landing page should focus only on one offer from top to bottom. Remove Distractions like links to other pages which can cause your visitor to wander away from your page. It will prevent visitors from going to other sections of site and take the desired action for the attainment of your goals.

Simplicity: - Keep your Landing Page simple and short. Landing pages which are complex can create confusion among user and distract their mind. Avoid excessive use of images and flash in your Landing Pages.

Adding Graphics: - Adding Relevant images are great way to tell customers about your products and offers and can affect your customer rates. But avoid the excessive use and it would increase the loading time of your page.

Important Elements above the fold: - Place important elements like Compelling Headlines, offer mentioned in Ad, Call to Action Link above the fold. So that visitor sees them immediately they arrive on Landing Page without scrolling down.

Run Tests: - Create various landing pages for the same offer and run tests to see which landing page converts well. You can run A/b tests to track which element works better than others. You can use these results to maximize the performance of your landing pages.

Author Bio:
Gagandeep Singh is working as internet marketing expert for Landing Page Optimization Company and a freelance writer. He mainly writes on Landing page design, PPC, SEO, Web 2.0 and Technology.

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