Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blogging – An Extreme Marketing Tool for the New Century

Blogging today has become quite the force. People blog about almost everything, from politics and the news, to sports and business, even their own personal lives! Should you?

In marketing, there’s no doubt that blogging has become a highly effective tool. Is it right for everyone though? Maybe not, but it is a valuable way to add fresh content to most web sites.

All of the most highly used search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and MSN all expect webmasters to keep their sites updated often. Blogs provide a way to add fresh content capably and effectively.

This doesn’t mean that you need to flood readers and visitors with eBook novels to be a success though. In most cases the shorter and more to the point they are the better. A quick, well written piece of work is actually better than a long, boring narrative that no one wants to read. Fifty words with a few doses here and there of useful keywords will become magnets to search engines, and helpful information for your target audience will appeal to the human visitors you wish to turn into your customer base. Applying this three to seven times a week for a year will turn your website into the well oiled machine that search engines just love.

Not that it will take a full year though. You can achieve the same success in three to six months if you fill your blogs with entertainment, amusement, originality and unique content that will turn your readers into repeat customers.

If you are considering the use of blogging as a marketing tool in your future, don’t sell yourself short with only keeping an online diary for your writing either. A few keywords tossed around aren’t all it takes to make your blog a success. You must communicate with your audience which content is most informative, which is most entrancing, and what is benefitting to them. There are also two other forms of blogging growing more and more popular as well. Whichever forms you use will depend on you and your company’s objectives and ambitions.

These two types of blogging – audio and video – can also be just as effective if not more in some cases. This doesn’t mean they are for everyone though. Do you make a living with your voice, such as singing or public speaking? These kinds of talents can be a unique way of reaching customers who can assess and appraise your work also. Of course, perhaps everyday would be a bit much, but it’s good to keep your options open.

The same applies to video blogging. Maybe you are an actor or technician with talents related to production or direction of video? There is a lot to consider with this form of blogging nowadays, with internet video upload capabilities, affordable digital cameras, and software bringing it all together and becoming easier day by day. Blogging and the 21st century are upon us, and these powerful marketing strategies are beneficial to almost any and every business. These are all definitely worth checking out.

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