Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Most Important Concept of Affiliate Marketing

Guest Post By Dante

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online. But many affiliate marketers do not understand the first thing about affiliate marketing.

So what is the most important concept to get down? Is it building backlinks or maybe it is targeting the right keywords. Although those are important parts they are not what I am talking about.

The most important skill to get down in affiliate marketing is preselling. If you do not know how to presell your visitors at your site properly you will never make as much money as you could.

In order to presell your visitors you simply need to overdeliver to them. What most affiliates do is get lazy and throw up affiliate sites in 10 minutes only to come up short every time. We all want to make money fast and easily especially when we are just starting out.

It is very common to get all anxious and want to dominate the internet with a multi-million dollar empire. But if your visitors are not at the top of your priorities then you are losing money.

Affiliate marketing is a business and in a business you must trade value. You help the visitors solve a problem they are having and they give you some money.

With affiliate marketing you never sell. Selling is taken care of on the salespage of the merchant. You warm up the customer. Through your sites content you open up the visitors mind and inspire them to trust you and take action.

Once you build solid trust with your visitors they will also trust your recommendations. That is recommendations not hard sells.
When you recommend a product to a loyal visitor who enjoys reading your content they will most likely be interested enough to click through your affiliate link and at least check out the sales page.

But if you tried selling to your visitors right away like on the home page you might not convert as much as you could with a content rich site.

Creating content is not just to serve the google spiders so that they know what keywords to index your site under. It is your material. Your content is your unique voice. It is how you present the information that the visitors will love you for.

It is not that easy which is why you always hear other successful marketers advise you to follow your passion. When your content mixes knowledge and passion then it is almost as if the skepticism of your visitors disappear.

Everybody is naturally skeptical no matter what. Everybody has common sense and knows a scam when they see it.

So if you master preselling through your own content on your affiliate site then your conversion rates will sky rocket and the money will flow.

Of course there is more to it then that. Like how to pick quality affiliate products your visitors will like, ranking high in the search engines for a lot of targeted traffic, and proper keyword research.

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