Wednesday, February 3, 2010

4 Steps to Forum Marketing Success

Forums are places where your marketing can take the real boost. By joining the popular forums related to your website or business, you can start participating in discussions, sharing ideas, asking questions, helping others and make sure of the signature links to direct targeted traffic from the forums to your website.

Below are 4 steps which you can follow to achieve the results you've always wanted with forum marketing.

1. Choose several forums
One forum won't be enough. You need to choose around 10 forums where you want to post. Also you don't want to choose some lame inactive forum. Find the places which have lots of visitors and which will attract people's attention. With one forum you will have results, but the more forums you choose, the more visitors and buyers you will acquire. After all your revenue is directly proportional to the number of people you can reach out to. So reach out wide. Also, you don’t want to choose the wrong forums. Fins those places where people talk things related to your nice. Are you selling furniture? Find at least 10 furniture forums.

2. Create your accounts
Creating an account is not in itself a difficult process. You just need to register with a valid email address, confirm it and you are all set. But there still are some things to watch out for. First of all you need to use some humanizing data. Even if you don't provide your real personal information you still need to make it look like an actual personal account on each of that forums. So upload a cool avatar and make all accounts look real and nice.

3. Become active
It's not enough to have the accounts. You also need to make them look nice. Don't start posting your links and marketing ads right away. Socialize, comment, discuss and bond with the other users first. If you will post an ad as soon as you've created the account no one will buy it. You need to gain trust in order to market the right way. Talk around, post useful stuff and help people. Make friends and let some time pass before taking action.

4. Repeat on What You are Doing
Gaining trust and establishing your reputation in the forums are the keys to success in forum marketing. So, you should constantly contribute in the forums. Keep helping people who need advice and solutions to their problems. If have found anything good that the members will be interested, share with to them. People will appreciate on what you are sharing.

As you are posting on the forums often, your messages are often read by most of the members and these members will see you as a trusted member. So, the links that you included in your signature line will be interesting to others as well. Many of them will click your signature link to get more info from you or to check out what you are offering. These all are free targeted traffic to you. So, keep contributing in the forums and your messages and signature links will be seen by more and more people which will probably generate more traffic to your website.

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