Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Ad Networks to Make Money from Your Blog

Guest Post by Indu Priya

Today's Internet world provides many opportunities to ordinary people to make money from blogs and websites. Here are few ad networks you can give a try.

Amazon ads: Amazon ad affiliate programs lets you choose Amazon products to sell on your blog. You can pick products related to your blog from different types of merchandise available in Amazon. Commission will be given on every sale.

You first need to create an account in the Amazon site here.

After you choose the products, you will be provided a code which has to be placed on your blog.

Text Link Ads: You can make money from your blog by displaying text link ads in your blog. Text link ads acts as a middleman and takes a part of the revenue generated for sourcing the sponsors for you.

Your visitors don't seem to mind them at all by because they are not intrusive. The link price is set based on your Alexa rank, RSS subscribers and Google page rank.

You can sign up for Text Link Ads at

If you have a wordpress blog, install the plug-in and add code to the theme template.

Feedburner ad network: If you want to monetize your RSS feed, then this is the best RSS ad network. Firstly, you must have feedburner power your RSS feed. Basically it works this way. It displays CPM ads in your site and RSS feed. The CPM rate can be as high as $10 and publishers get 70% of the money.

You can sign up for feedburner here.

Chitika Ads: This is a good adsense alternative. This ad network is immensely popular in US, Canada and European countries. It is a pay-per-click service targeted especially towards search visitors. Whenever people click through and purchase a product, there is a commission paid.

You can Sign up for Chitika here. is a great way to start earning from your blog. It allows advertisers to purchase product reviews from different blogs. The prices are set by reviewme based on the Alexa rank, Technorati and RSS subscribers. Publishers can set their own price if they don't like the price set by

The reviews could be positive or negative. But they should be at least 200 words long.

You can sign up here.

There are many other sites like Here is the list.


However, before choosing an ad network, it is highly recommended to go through the company's forums, reviews and blogs.

Author Bio:
Indu Priya is a traffic expert and owner of She offers traffic building services to small business owners. Get her FREE e-book on how to drive 100+ traffic per day at

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