Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Decent Affiliate Program -

Guest post by Muhammad Saad

Many online money making experts will testify this statement that the best source to make money online is being an affiliate agent and sell other people's stuffs. The reason is fair and simple.

There's no joining fee whatsoever but the returns are limitless. Additionally there's no one way to sell the products. You can take every legitimate step to make a sale and grab the commissions. It is for this reason that you will find more millionaires in this field on the percentage basis as compared to other fields of money making whether physical or virtual.

The most important decision is to choose a profitable niche and promote a product which you can relate to so that you are able to write a convincing review, sales letter or email.

For this purpose, it is essential to join an affiliate program which allows you to promote more than one and diversified products so you can enhance your commissions. Of course every body has a potential to review about more than one products. Therefore I recommend you to join

There are of course more popular affiliate programs than but what's best about it is that the merchants are not related to only one category like where the products available are only related to electronic items or gadgets.

You can promote products which come under various categories. From automotive to financial services. You receive commissions not only for making sales but for creating leads to their websites (Not all merchants allow pay per lead opportunity).

If this is not convincing then read this. After getting paid for the first time. You can also opt in the paid per click (PPC) offers as well. Where you make money just for receiving clicks on your merchant's banners.

If you are one of those unfortunate members of google adsense who got themselves banned from it then you must try Remember PPC offers are only available when you are paid atleast one time. Minimum payout is as low as $50.

A major disadvantage of joining it is that gets a share of your commission. For instance if a merchant is paying you 10% for each sale, it means that he gives 20% on each sale, if you join the merchant directly on its own web site. The other 10% being the share of for providing the services. I guess the site deserves this amount for providing a platform to many merchants and affiliates to come together and create an online business activity.

Author Bio:
Muhammad Saad ul Haque, owns a blog named Make Online Money. He also holds a membership of from where he makes a decent income.

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