Friday, March 26, 2010

The 3 Most Important Components to be Successful Online

Guest Post by Ashley

If you destine to be a top internet marketer then you need to build for the long run rather than short term, I am going to explain the three most vital components which will keep you and your business running for long term and which will start to make you money over and over again. The three main aspects you need are:

- A list
- Traffic
- An Offer

With these three components in place you will understand why the top marketers are making so much money online and I am now going to explain each one in more detail.

A List

The money is not in the list but it is in a responsive list. This is a key point you need to remember when you start building your own list. The truth is building a list should be your number one priority for long-term success as no one can take your list away from you. The simple fact is once you have your own list you can generate income on demand with a simple email. So as you can imagine the more people you have on your list that respond to your emails the more money you are going to make over time. This does not matter what niche you are in as long as you can offer you list “cool stuff” which will benefit them, when it comes to you recommending them a product they will be ready to buy through you as you have given them such great cool stuff in the past.

I won’t be the first person to tell you building a list is important and I won’t be the last person either. The truth is until you start to build your own list you will not understand the true potential of having your own list of subscribers.


Without traffic nothing else really matters! Without traffic you cannot build your list, without traffic you cannot sell products and so on. There is so many different ways of driving traffic in this day and age and the fact again is the more traffic you can drive to your desired website the more results you are going to produce whether it is building your list or selling products. I cannot go into to much depth about how to generate traffic because there is so many different ways but I will list a few of the more common methods.

- Article Marketing
- Forum Marketing
- Banner Ads
- Paid Advertising (Adwords, Facebook)
- Social Media

Like I said the list goes on. Once you get the right method working for you that traffic will continue to flow to your site over and over.


What I mean when I talk about having an offer is in the terms of either having your own product or in the sense of what you are going to give away to build your list (lead magnet.) In order for someone to give you their email address you have to give something in return. I always say you need to make sure what you are giving away to obtain an email address has to be something of great value which you could actually go out and sell. This is where giving away “cool stuff” comes into play.

So as well having your own product is going to generate you a massive amount of income and stability within you’re area of Internet marketing. Once you have your own product it will continue to work for you for many years. The simple fact also is once you have created your product you can get others to sell it for you (affiliates and JV’s) Product creation can take a very long time and a lot of effort but you do reap the rewards for your hard work as with your own product not only will you make sales continuously you will also be building a responsive list so you kill two birds with one stone.

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