Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to Make Money Online with

Guest Post by Chris Ruminski challenges you to make 10 million dollars with a penny. How do you do this? Double the penny thirty times. is a gaming website that will pay you to play games. Yes, you can actually make money online by playing games. No, you probably won’t make 10 million dollars. Naturally, most people are hesitant when faced with this sort of claim. And why wouldn’t they? It seems ridiculous to think that you could make money online playing games. To understand why can pay you to play, you need to understand how they make money.

How Does Make Money? makes loads of cash with their advertising and affiliate programs. Between games, you may have to watch a quick advertisement. They also make money from the sponsored ads in their search engine. To top it off, offers you Moola bucks to participate in their booster program. This is where you complete an offer and you get paid, but gets paid more. Now that you know how makes money, how can you?

Play Games
Obviously you can make money by playing games on It’s the topic of this post. gives you your first penny. After you receive your penny, you will be allowed to play three head to head games, as well as a slot machine for random wins. After you have earned another penny, more games will open up to you. You will wager your money against other players for the chance to double it. This is not considered gambling because bucks aren’t worth anything until you move them into your save account. And after you do that you can’t touch them until you cash out. Search Engine
The search engine offers another way to make money online. The search engine randomly awards you money whenever you perform a search. It sounds like you can manipulate their search engine so that you can search all day and make money, but you can’t. The search engine usage is monitored, and unnatural searching can get you in trouble. The best approach is to use their search engine whenever you are looking for something online.

Booster Program
The booster program is similar to other programs on the internet that pay you to try out products or services. You can earn money for completing a survey, or a lot of money for signing up for a service such as Netflix. Sometimes you can cancel your service before you have to pay, but not always. It is important to be aware of what you are signing up for to ensure you don’t have to pay. This program is how makes most of their money.

If you can convince your friends to join, you could earn a percentage of whatever they earn. offers a four tiered program. The first tier will pay you 4% of whatever your referrals put into their save account, second tier will earn you 3%. And you can guess the rest. Get enough people to join, and you could make a lot of money this way. is a great place to play games and earn a couple extra pennies, but you won’t get rich. It is a good way to take a break from the work day and make some pennies.

Author Bio:
Chris Ruminski has been making money online since July 2009. The key to success is finding your niche, and diversifying your efforts to prevent yourself from falling into a rut. If you can make money the web, you can make a lot. The name of the game is perseverance.

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