Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How To Make Money Online Automatically

Guest Post by Aiden Clark

Im sure you are very much aware that there are literally millions of different methods to make money online but choosing one that fits your specific lifestyle maybe a little harder. You may have also already experienced a fully automatic business without even knowing as there are many online marketers who use such systems.

When people search the internet for a cure to a problem, people are more likely to sign up for a newsletter or a free course that will uncover a few secrets that is related to what you these people are searching for. The information is delivered to them automatically using an autoresponder.

If you capture the emails of these people that are interested in a certain market then you can follow up later on with valuable information and tips related to the niche and then you can recommend paid products or services on a regular basis that would benefit the person on your list.

To achieve this business model you would need to create a free course or a series of emails that would benefit your subscribers. You must provide them with something valuable in order to persuade them to sign up to your list. Useless information or free article content is not good enough and will harm your reputation.

You would then need an autoresponder service such as aweber or you can purchase software that can be installed on your own server to cut out the monthly costs. This will be used to automatically deliver your free course and to build a relationship with the subscriber, on autopilot, over a period of time.

Once you have someone on your list, it gives you the opportunity to grow a long lasting and trusted relationship with your subscriber and after a while the subscriber will be more likely to listen to your recommendations and purchase products or services through your link.

The best thing about this business model is every thing can be set up to deliver it all completely automatically which allows you to make money online for years to come without any interference from you. As long as you set up your autoresponder to send out the pre-written emails every week, you can spend your free time on advertising your landing page.

A landing page is basically a one page website that offers a free mini course or an ebook related to your market, on this page you will list the benefits or contents of the course and ask the visitor for their name and email address to receive it for free. Your autoresponder code from your service provider would be installed on this page.

Some people find it hard to believe that by offering a free course that you can actually grow a successful online business, but its a fact that the smartest marketers will not go in for the sale straight away as you may scare away the visitor. Its much easier to sell something after you have established a relationship with the potential client.

You can make sales from the same subscribers for years to come which allows you to continually grow your monthly income. Its alot easier to sell a product to an existing customer than it is to a new one. As long as you only recommend the best products within that market, you will be sure to find success using this kind of method.

Author Bio:
Aiden Clarke is an online business mentor that learns ordinary people how to start and develop a successful online business. He offers a free, 7 day course that teaches you how to copy his exact method that earns him at least $100/day. Visit today to get started.

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