Friday, April 16, 2010

Mistakes An Internet Marketer Needs To Avoid

Guest Post by Ashley Wright

It is all good speaking about the highs of Internet marketing, but then there is always the downside to every marketers progression. The main thing that hindered my progression online was believe it or not…
Actually taking action!

There is no point learning everything under the sun, going to every seminar known to man and when it comes down to it not actually doing anything with what you know!
There is this thing called knowledge overload! If you don’t actually do anything with what you know the time will come when you want to do something with what you have learned and you start to get muddled up as you have to much information in your mind! Then you have to then go through the course again, which as you can imagine is very time consuming.

There are three types of Internet Marketer:

1. Those that buy everything and don’t even finish going through what is taught.
2. Those who buy products and courses go through them and then go and buy more and more.
3. Those that buy a course or product go through it and implement what is taught and actually see results from this.

Believe me now you want to be the last type! Your maybe asking yourself though I don’t buy products or courses. Well if that’s not the case then am sure your reading articles, blogs listening to free material etc and still not doing anything with the information you know!
Trust me when I say you can have as much knowledge as knowledge can be, but if you do nothing with it then the knowledge is powerless. The sooner you take this message on board the better!

So once you get past the stage and are actually ready to take action guess what there then comes another huge brick wall in front of you and you know what that is? DISTRACTIONS!

Distractions can hinder anyone’s progress in anyway not just as an Internet Marketer. You have to see it like this, once you sit down by your computer or laptop how many distractions are around you? Here’s a list of some of them:

* The Internet
* Instant Messenger
* TV
* Phone
* Others in your household

They are what can easily hinder your progression online, I am not saying to get rid of them for good but there are ways in how you can put away these distractions.

The Internet & Instant messenger
The best thing to do unless you need to use the Internet is to just basically turn it off! If your working on a new product, writing email sequences, blog posts etc then what you need to do is gather all your information from the Internet first of and then just switch it off. Trust me this is what made me become more productive and I just seem to get so much more done with this. You do not realize but even if you are doing some research on the net you usually seem to drift and become “too involved” with what is going on. So for example you could be doing some research on a forum, your reading a post then you see a signature box that stands out to you; you then go and click the sig box which leads you to opt in for a free report. You then read the report and guess what you have neglected what you was actually doing in the first place! So what you do is set 5-10 minutes aside for research switch your Internet and instant messenger off and then sit down and concentrate with the task at hand.

TV & Phone
Nothing different here also all you need to do is… TURN it off! It is as simple as that. If someone rings you for a long chat tell them you are busy and will return their call later on. What you have to think again here is if you are in the middle of writing and then you get chatting on the phone, you are going lose that momentum and flow that you had going. The TV is worse as every time you look at the TV screen you are loosing momentum, so the truth is with the TV you are actually not getting any momentum and you will find it harder to work when you have something such as Family Guy on in the back J

People around you
Now this is not as easy as the other two, which is to “turn it off” as it does not work on humans! First things first you want to make sure you are in an area where you cannot be disturbed. Then just let everyone around you know that you will be busy for an hour or so, so that no one bothers you.

I hope you have took a lot from this post and you start to put it into action as you will start see taking action and getting started is the way forward.

You don’t have to get it right you just have to get it going! (Mike Litman)

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