Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Market Online

Guest Post by Chad Timms

Let’s pretend that someone came and handed you the keys to a clothing store. They told you all the inventory is included and there are many items in the store that people are looking for. Most of the clothes they tell you are quite popular. How would you feel about this? What if I told you that you had exclusive rights to only certain styles and that if you could get the word out and find some customers then you could make some really good profits. The only catch they tell you is you have to get the customers and you have to do the advertising.

That is exactly how affiliate marketing online works. There are so many products you can offer to people and it is all at your access. You can write your own checks depending on how much you produce. So why is everyone not doing this then? Because marketing online and offline is real work and there is a certain learning curve to doing it.

So how do you market a product online then?

1. You can optimize your site for the search engines so they place your website on the first page of any of the search engines for your products. This is called search engine optimization and is a strategy that takes a lot of time and includes a lot of maintenance but a great way to get free traffic or free customers to your offer.

2. You can write articles and submit them to article directories. This is another free way and if you can write good articles other people will pick up your content and publish your article on other sites where you can get traffic.

3. You can do pay per click marketing. Pay per click marketing is where you will pay so much for the search engines to place a sponsored result for you. This will bring you instant targeted traffic if done correctly.

4. You could put a banner ad up on high traffic blogs like this one here. This blog has been optimized for the search engines to rank high for the niche “make money online”

5. You could advertise your site on classified ads online. If you can write good ads and your product is high in demand this is another good way to bring traffic to your site.

I have only listed 5 ways you could bring traffic to your website or blog but there are many more. Keep in mind you need to be selling items that are in demand and you need to fill that demand with the supply. Give the buyer what they are looking for and surely you will do well online.

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