Friday, May 14, 2010

Not All “Make Money Online” Ways Work For Everyone

Guest post by Andre Conferido

Making money online, is in a sense, a worn out word. Internet gurus attract readers with their grandiose online earnings and dish off their “How to Make Money Online” tips. Most are speaking the truth about the huge earnings they gained online but the question is, what worked for them may not work for everyone.

To make money online you have to discover your own “magic combination” and explore your chances of making it big in Internet marketing.

Here are simple methods to make money online:

Create your own website or blog

Affiliate marketing products

Creating your own website would give you the freedom to display and tweak any affiliate marketing ads that you would like to place. Diversify and do not focus on one product only. This would assure you that if you fail in one, then you still have the rest to pursue.

Referral widgets

Make money online by posting referral widgets in your site is one good way of earning passive income. Just copy the codes and leave them there for visitors to explore. These referral widgets are usually from online service providers who offer handsome rewards your visitors who buy their services.

Direct advertising

There are Internet marketers who would like to advertise directly in websites because it is cheaper and they have more control in selecting the website of their choice. They will pay the ad space for the duration that you have agreed on. You have to post in your blog though, that you are accepting direct ads. To make money online through direct advertising you have to offer a competitive price.

Paid reviews

After you have generated enough traffic to your blog, apply it in paid review sites. The site will distribute paid reviews among website owners or bloggers according to the budget of the advertiser and according to the popularity of your blog.

This is one great source of blog income. The payment per article ranges from $ 5 to $150 depending on your site’s popularity. You can make money online from this good paying task.

Provider for outsourcing companies

Various outsourcing online companies are in need of freelance writers, data encoders, web designers and many more. You can sign up and create an impressive profile so that clients would hire you. There are thousands of jobs waiting for you if you just take the time to sign up and improve your craft. Signing up is free and the monetary compensation is good.

Reading Emails

There are companies, which are too enormous; they no longer have time to sort out their mails, so they hire people to do it for them. It is an easy way of to make money online.

Rewards from Web 2.0 applications

Social networking, forums, mini-blogging, blogging communities are now finding ways to reward their users. In twitter, you could twit and earn at the same time through paid tweets. This is a superb way to make money online, especially for expert twitterpeeps (users), who can earn as much as $250 per 140-word tweet. Most online Forums also reward their users for each activity they participate in.

How to make money online is a perennial question that can be answered through numerous methods. Be wary though of scam sites who are only phishing for your personal information. Explore and discover what works for you and earn your first $ 100.

Author Bio:
Andre Conferido has been in the internet marketing business for over 5 years mainly doing “niche blogging”. Andre is also a writer at the make money online blog

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