Saturday, July 24, 2010

How to Make $3000 per month - A Detailed Guide

Guest Post by Indu Priya

There are many ways to make money online. But this article contains the method I personally use to make $100 per day.

Step1: Decide two ways of making money. I personally make money from list building and affiliate marketing. I work full time focusing on building my list and promoting the affiliate product.

Step2: Write a free ebook and giveaway to the people who subscribe to your list. For your affiliate product, create a blog with 5 articles related the product, including a review of the product.

Step3: Initially, dedicate your time for both list building and promoting affiliate products. Subscribe to the newsletters of 5 experts in your niche and observe how they are promoting their
products. Make a list of their promotional activities. Start implementing them.

Make a list of promotional campaigns that worked for you. Repeat the methods to promote your site.

Once you have a list of 200, you can start making money by promoting your products to your subscribers. Communicate with your subscribers and try to offer the products they desire.

Once you start making a steady income of $200 per month (you can achieve this in a month), focus on promoting the affiliate product. Implement the same marketing methods that you used for building your list. Apart from that, invest $50 - $100 per month on paid advertising.

Do you want to know what 90% of millionaire level marketing experts use for traffic? It's not f'ree traffic, it's paid traffic.

I extensively invest on banner advertising in niche blogs. They do not cost more than $50 per month and I make a minimum of 5 sales from each blog.

Let me tell you another secret. Try to promote products related to dating, fitness and forex. Write 5 articles daily with a link to your blog in the resource box and submit them to These niches do so well in that you can easily get 100
views per article.

Let us make some calculations. Let us assume that if 100 people read your article, 10 of them will click on your link. You can expect 1 sale for every 100 visitors. This means that you can make a sale every alternative day. Now, if you get a commission of $20 per sale, you can
easily make $1000 per month.

Repeat, repeat and repeat. Repeat whatever worked for you. Within a couple of months (It took 5 months for me), you can easily make $3000 per month.

Author Bio:
Indu Priya is an online marketer. Get her FREE guide (link
to to learn how to get 0-1000 targeted visitors to your site in just one week using both SEO and non-SEO methods.

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