Thursday, July 29, 2010

Make Money Online in Record Time by Building Your List!

Guest Post by Paul McCarthy

If you're new to making money online then I have three words that will hopefully transform the way you look at your new business. This article will help you make money online in record time and I only wish I had this information when I started out!

Build Your List

All the top internet marketers out there have the ability to generate wealth on demand and the reason they can do this is because they have spent time to get people onto their mailing list.

This means that when they release new information products, they instantly have a list of prospects to sell items to. This usually means an instant pay off every time a product is launched and is extremely powerful.

How do you Build a Sizable list?

Building a list is actually pretty easy. Here are the steps that you need to follow:-

1. Create a one page web site where you offer a free gift in exchange for the name and email address of your visitors

2. Create the gift that you are going to give away to your visitors – often this simply needs to be a short report. There's no need to create a whole book to give away. Generally speaking, less is more, because people are always after quick fixes to their problems.

3. Drive traffic to your one page web site

And that's really all there is to it.

So, let's assume that we were in the male dating niche. We might have a one page web site that offered a free e-book that people could download. The e-book might tell them how to approach any woman confidently and successfully.

Of course, a male who's having dating problems would visit the page, see the free e-book and feel enticed to enter his name and email address into the opt-in box.

How do you Make Money from your List?

Here's the clever part. You can use software services called autoresponders that allow you to add emails in advance of them being sent. This means that you can set up a year's worth of emails to be sent out, sit back and let the whole thing work on autopilot.

So, firstly, you should focus on providing top quality information to your prospects on your list. Make sure that they enjoy receiving emails from you and that you're providing real value and helping them to solve their problems.

After the initial relationship building stage, you can then start make soft and hard sells of products. You can either sell your own products or you can be an affiliate for products that other people have created.

So continuing our example from earlier: Once the prospect is on your list, he'd received some really helpful dating tips from you that he could go out in the “field” and try out on women. After a week or so, you'd then recommend a product, or mention your own product, that is specifically aimed at helping men have more success with women.

Of course you'd mention this product in each of the further emails that you send out.

The Money Making Machine....

And that's really all there is to making money online – it's not rocket science – but learning the skills to get everything set up the first time round takes a little learning.

If you want a rock-star lifestyle then I truly believe that internet marketing is your quickest ticket. If you just take the time to learn the skills you can really create a desirable lifestyle for yourself.

If you'd like to learn step by step how to create an online business that I've just described here then enter your name and email address here: and I'll teach you personally myself for free.

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