Friday, July 31, 2009

4 Tips To Boost Your Earning With Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program

Guest Post by Lee Ka Hoong

Affiliate program is getting more and more popular when it comes to monetize our blog or site, affiliate program is the program that you will get paid when you promote the seller's product, and referring someone to buy the product, you'll get paid either in a fixed one time payment or recurring payment. There are more and more people trying to make more money with affiliate program, they follow the techniques on the internet blindly and end up they get nothing because they're failed in marketing the products. Knowing the right affiliate marketing tips to apply in your work will not only help you earn a lot of money, it will help you build a career out of the online opportunity.

There are also few different types of affiliate program, one of them is called pay per lead affiliate program. Pay per lead affiliate program is becoming popular in the industry, pay per lead affiliate program is the program that pay you for referring someone to sign up or fill up a form with their personal details. It's much more easier to make money with pay per lead affiliate program because there is no sales required.

Here are the tips that you could boost your earning with pay per lead affiliate program :

1) Using Article Marketing Effectiveness
How many of you know the power of article marketing? Article marketing is a way that promotes your product or site by writing articles and submitting them to article directories or others' blog. If you just promote your product in your blog, you will only get minimum exposure, but if you promote your product by writing in others' blog or article directories, you could get maximum exposure. I found this quite effective when it comes to promoting product. Guest posting is one of the type of article marketing, just like what I do in this blog.

2) Knowing Your Product Well
You may need to know your product well before promoting it to your visitors. You need to show your readers that you've actually tried the product and found this quite useful, this increases the trust from your readers. So, you need to know what you're trying to sell to your readers, instead of promoting them blindly, it's not working at all. Of course, it's a plus if you could write a full review about the product that you're promoting.

3) Fire Up Your Email List
Many people are trying to build up their email list by using email autoresponder services such as Aweber and RevResponse. They get up to 5 sales out of the 100 emails that they've sent out, that's considered a good conversion. But this might not work if you don't know the technique of building a strong email list, I suggest you to learn some email marketing technique from this blog or others' blog.

4) Choosing The Right Pay Per Lead Program Network
There are many pay per lead program networks out there, so you need to choose it wisely, choosing the wrong network might waste all of your time in promoting them. If you get to know about a pay per lead affiliate program network, try to search their review on Google search engine, you might get some useful review about them, choose the one that someone had their successful story.

Making money with pay per lead affiliate program might be very interesting, you need to find the best and reliable pay per lead affiliate program on the internet in order to boost your earning.

Author Bio:
Lee is the owner of MyBlog2Day which is a Top 10 Make Money Online blog. Feel free to visit his blog and learn how to make money online with your blog.

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