Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Internet CEO: I Don't Need The Search Engines To Make "Independent" Money

Guest post by Carael Knight

Listen, who cares about getting a number one ranking in the search engines. Who even cares about being in the top ten on the first page. I had to write this because I'm tired of people sending me emails asking, how can they get their website a number one ranking. I could mail out some direct mail postcards offline and make $20,000 "independently" in a week from people going to my site from postcards alone! Don't believe me? You can try it yourself and can verify that this is the truth. I am the truth! Look me up, "The Internet CEO".

I don't need the search engines or have to be dependent on them for my traffic and to make my money. Any experienced internet marketer know that you need other effective sources of traffic coming in than from just the search engines. To me, the search engines are like a "credit card" and we all know that the majority of America live (on credit) off a credit card but I don't. In terms of the internet and independent internet marketing, a lot of people highly believe that you have to be either number one or on the first page to recieve the same amount of traffic (if not more) than the webmasters that are actually on the first page such as this site your on right now. It came to one point in time that I had over 1.5 million results in Google for my name: "Carael Knight" but they took me off. It didn't really matter though because my sales and revenue still stayed the same. As far as I'm concerned, the search engines can shove it because independent internet marketing is on the rise!

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