Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Learn How to Make Money Online at

By Ross Bouchard

A new site called has emerged for webmasters and beginners to use as a reference in finding ideal online money making opportunities. In general they offer independent, editorial, and user reviews on the variety of opportunities to make money online, such as affiliate and pay per click programs. The editorial reviews are in-depth evaluations of an opportunity with each aspect of the program being individually rated and scored. Users can also rate the opportunities based on their experiences and write reviews to expose the scammers or highlight the profitable. Independent reviews, elsewhere on the internet that are deemed to have an honest impartial perspective, are linked to for your convenience.

In addition, a community of money making enthusiast can share and absorb each others experiences through free member blogs and a discussion forum. Contributors of the site are rewarded a number of ways including, contests, paid review contracts, free ebooks, software, and other downloads.


Reviews – MoneyStance has a great reviews format with the opportunity’s claim to start, followed by some quick facts of the program, a video reference, an example of implementation, the editorial review, the independent reviews, the user reviews, and a link to the actual opportunity and internal discussion forum related to that area of making money. As an example see the Chitika Review.

Opportunities – So many have already be archived and reviewed in such a short time, and it is not only online opportunities but also in business, real estate, and personal finance.

Rewards – A contributor rewards system to give back to the participating community.

Community – All the tools are there for a burgeoning community; blogs, forums, reviews, profiles, avatars, signatures, do-follow postings, contests, contributor rewards and points system, contact forms, etc…

Easy Navigation – It is fairly simple to find what type of opportunity you are looking for and which programs have been reviewed. On the home page or top menu, you can click one of the 4 parent categories: Online Money Making Opportunities, Real Estate Money Making Opportunities, Personal Finance & Investing Opportunities, or Business and Entrepreneurial Opportunities and then move onto subcategories; browse directly by the tags in the left sidebar; or by top rated.


Editorial Reviews – These reviews are some of the most detailed I have ever seen, but there are too few of them. However, there are quite a few independent reviews for each opportunity.

Community – The site is still fairly new and the community has yet to be established.

Rewards – There should be more rewards to fully flesh out this incentive program, but the $100 giveaway contest is a great step in the right direction.

Archive – There are thousands upon thousands of opportunities online alone. I assume it will take some time to list them all for review.

Top Rated – Currently, you can not sort the top rated opportunities by tags, only by their parent categories. However, I’ve been told this is in development.


If there is a way to make money, aside from illegal activities and gambling, has a reviewed opportunity or resource for it. I give MoneyStance an 8 out of 10, but with the future potential to be a 9 or better. I can see this site becoming an authority on what money making opportunities webmasters choose to deploy on their sites as well as those seeking other endeavors.

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