Friday, August 7, 2009

3 Important Reminders Before Choosing a Niche

Guest post by Albert Fang

Websites are now commonly becoming the fundamental stones to making a living online, however, choosing a niche can be rather difficult when starting out your first web page. However, here, I have listed simple informative reminders that you can easily follow step by step to first and lastly, discover a niche that you can both financially benefit wallet wise and be interested to write about it as well. Choosing a niche should be your core decision and not some random Google AdSense keyword that is telling you otherwise.

1) Like What You Write

Simply, "like what you write" is a simple phrase that I tell most website owners and Bloggers to follow because if your not all that passionate about your niche, your most likely to fail before even starting! Writing shouldn't be labor, but rather something you enjoy sharing to the world and be able to make money off it. Don't let keyword tools put you down. If you like to write about dating or romance, good stick with it because in the end, you can be making more with the niche you like than writing about house loans, lawyers, all that boring stuff. I'll show you how.

2) Do it For Your Readers

At first your first objective maybe to create a web page to make money with sales, and affiliates, however, in the end, you will soon realize that your readers is the core of your website. Treat your readers with respective and provide valuable information directed to them, and not shove 50 affiliates in their faces. Build a relationship with them and build trust from the bottom up. You will be making way more money that way, and it creates a nicer reader atmosphere as well.

3) Google Adsense Isn't Everything

Most often when you go through famous webmaster forums like Digital Point, you hear people yapping about how much they got for every click because they choose a great niche, such as loans, but in most cases, they don't know a single thing about the topic nor are they very passionate about the niche, and they end up quitting anyhow. In simple words, there are other methods to making money than just Google Adsense. There are plenty of methods for monetizing your website such as affiliate networks, CPM networks, and etc. For instance, dating, there are hundreds of affiliates that are willing to pay up to $10-$30 per referral. Compare that to those puny $1-$2 loan clicks that you only get every other week.

Simply, if you are passionate about what you write, and you are good at what you do, you will be endeavoring to making a new sustainable income with a niche that you are both passionate about, and can provide you another stream of income to fit your financial needs. Online money making is the future, and you can be making an effort now by and choosing a niche that you love writing about and even earn money off it. Just put a little bit of effort to it, and you can be making a sustainable income online in no time.

Author Bio:
Albert Fang is the owner of MoolaDays. He passionately emphasizes on the ways to make money online and plans to make the effort to educate the world about money making. Feel free to visit his blog and learn how to make money online with any site in general.

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