Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Making Money Online - Are You Risking Your Brain Cells?

Guest post by Madiha Hamid

There are hundreds of opportunities for making MONEY ONLINE. Some work, some don't. Fill registration forms and get paid, refer your friends and get paid! These are definitely quick and easy ways but I would say not a good option for brain cells!

Why can’t be options for making money online, a little productive, add to ones experience, increase the knowledge base, grill the brain cells and the wish list goes on. In most cases, the online money making ideas are about becoming rich ‘over night’! I would say this investment of ones most precious resource i.e. time is not a good bargain. However, I am still a huge fan of work from home and making money online options!

By ‘little productive’ in making money online, I mean any work that adds value to one’s knowledge, to say the least. And I guess you would agree to that! There are many websites that are working on more or less the same model like Helium, Hubpages, sqidoo and Allvoices submit your content and earn cash rewards.

With the first three sites being extremely popular, I will explain here the model of Allvocies. Allvoices is worlds leading social news network site, where anyone can report news from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet access, through PC or phone.

Allvoices is running a Brand Incentive Program, by registering with this program you are eligible to earn cash based on the performance of your posted news stories, images and videos. All you have to do is post interesting news articles on the site with supporting images and videos; participate in the community discussions by commenting on others news and start earning. Sounds productive and lucrative?

The benefits I see from this site are; one, you can sharpen your writing skills; two, it keeps one updated to the latest happenings in the world; three, it keeps one informed about how people around us are thinking; four, you will be making money online!

My advice, don’t just get boggled by the dollar signs!

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