Sunday, August 9, 2009

Increase Revenue with Keyword Optimization

Guest post by D'rifin

To make money online is a job that not many people can effort to master. One of the big obstacles of making money online is the competitor. There are too little places but yet so many people are trying to compete for the same thing.

Now days, most people are using search engine such as Google and Yahoo as their source of information. It is like wearing a shirt or walking. And to make the search engine work effectively, keyword is needed. Keywords are playing a major role when people looking for an information on search engine. That is why keyword is very important to the webmaster.

However, there is million of webmasters are concentrating on similar keyword such as make money online and it is very difficult for small webmaster like me to compete. This does not mean that the opportunity is closed.

One thing that small webmaster can do to increase their online revenue is to optimize their keyword. Select a keyword that less used by webmaster but still searchable by people. Google Adwords Keyword analyzer tool is one of the best tools to select for best suit keyword for your blog or website. For example, the most popular keyword for make money online is ‘make money online’ itself. Instead of concentrate on most popular keyword we can use less popular but still bringing traffics such as ‘making online money’ or ‘online make money’.

Hopefully this information could benefit the reader of this blog. Good Luck.

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