Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Strategies to Amass Tons of Traffic through Viral Marketing

Viral marketing isn't just for online businesses to gain attention but also anyone who run a website or blog to make money online can consider using viral marketing to generate profitable traffic for their site.

Because it relies mainly on word of mouth, it isn't quite as expensive as many other internet marketing strategies nor is it quite as difficult to maintain. Viral marketing counts on consumers' testimonials and ability to influence their friends and family. If you like what you have to offer, they will refer you to people they know and this makes them your advertisers at no cost. This type of marketing strategy has proven to be among the most effective ones in bring in tons of income for online businesses and it can be done in many different ways. Among them are through articles, freeware, newsletters, and videos.

1) Articles

Using articles for viral marketing can be done in many different ways. Captivating articles that spark intrigue and interest within a certain niche can be submitted to article directories or blogs. Publishing them in platforms that allow comments are best as they provide an avenue for people to participate. Allowing people to easily share the article through social bookmarking and social networking sites as well as through email would also be a big help in viral marketing through articles.

2) Freeware

Come up with a tool that is relevant to your target market and distribute it for free. You can make this yourself or hire a programmer to do so. It could be a utility or even a simple game. No matter what it is, be sure you brand it for your online business and allow it to drive traffic to your website. Software directories will accept your freeware and put it out for distribution. You can also encourage its users to share it by adding a send function. Traffic to your site will surely boom with this viral marketing tactic.

3) Newsletters

Compose and distribute informative newsletters that will encourage readers to forward your emails to their friends and relatives. This will help you attract more people without additional costs or effort. It will also lead to more potential buyers and even more website traffic.

4) Videos

Publishing videos can be very effective for viral marketing because people simply enjoy watching them. If you come up with an entertaining or informative video that is relevant to your target market, you can easily gain tons of attention.

Although viral marketing can be very effective for online businesses, you must keep in mind that it can also harm the reputation of your company. Word of mouth is something you cannot control and it would be up to you to make sure that you don't get negative feedback. You can do this by simply making sure that you deliver what you promise and sell only products of high quality. Never underestimate small details and always strive for perfection. Once your online business has been liked by several buyers, you are off to a bigger and better market.

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