Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some Little Points Newbie Affiliates Usually Miss

Guest Post by Sshahnawaz

Yes, this is a very sad thing to say, but it is true that most of affiliates usually do not make as good money as they can from their work, this is because of lack of understanding some basic problems taking care of which can be beneficial. Before telling you those important things, I want to tell you that affiliates can earn more than what they usually think, so make your thoughts clear about that and soon you will reach at the top, just believe yourself. OK, now I am telling you the points below:

1) Newbie Affiliates simply do work, nothing else:
If you start working like only you are doing this and nobody else is present to see, you can not make good money. The reason is, you don't see what other people are doing, see them how they made good money and do consider good ideas they give to you, join forums and see what others are doing. Ask your affiliate manager how much the top affiliate is making on the same offer which you are going to promote. If you think the top affiliate is not getting much, try promoting something else.

2) Affiliates promote products, not qualities:
Learn what your product is all about, find what different thing is in your product and then promote it. Try to promote something in which you take interest, the work will become easy, but do search for such product which gives you money also.

3) Keywords mistakes in advertising:
Don't act like somebody who is tied with ropes while giving keywords. For example you are going to sell a mobile and its name is my mobile, what will be the keywords for it? Yes, mobile prices, my mobile prices, my brother's mobile prices, my mobile rates, my mobile ...... anything, sorry guys I am not only fed up with this idiot kind of stuff but also I am angry with the policy you are following here. Why do you think that people always include the word mobile in the search? The word can also be my cell phone. Think broad while giving keywords.

4) Trying to promote too many products:
Its great to have more than one product at a time, but don't try to be too smart that you are not. Not only you have to promote the products to get sales, but also you have to learn the key points for all the products and for all the products you will be writing keywords. Can you manage 10 products at a time? If not, try promoting just two at one time. See how much your ability is and do according to your ability. Sometimes one product gives you more than what you were going to get from ten products at one time.

5) Don't know and don't want to know:
Sometimes your mind stops working, why don't you try keyword tools available over the internet. Manually writing keywords can be a considerable pain for one big ad campaign that you launch for your products. The thing which you will be doing is only check what are the keywords. You don't have to write them all. The example of such a tool is It is a Search Based Keyword tool which tells you how much your keywords take from you. You can also try for this, but it only works to suggest keywords without values of keywords.

6) Strategy change frequency:
You are free when to change your strategy about your ad campaign. Increase and decrease your bids whenever you want, but don't play with this frequency. Sometimes trying to be patient is good and sometimes changing your strategy can be a good turning point, but you have to use your common sense here. The problem is, if you play with this frequency like children, your business will be giving you nothing for most of the times. If you still get something while you play with this frequency, consider the advice of some austrologist, he will tell you that you are the luckiest person in the world and this post is not for the luckiest persons.

7) Not understanding stats:
Usually the affiliates do see the stats provided by their advertising program, such as Google adwords etc. but they don't give much importance to that and here they are wrong. They have to see what keywords are getting more importance and if they find any difficulty in accessing their stats, they should consider software available over the internet for that and the help which adwords and others provide to know what's going on. If you do so, you will surely be ready to explore more good things in affiliate programs.

Author Bio:
The author of this post Sshahnawaz is a graduate who chose to work online and has spent more than two years in online business. Currently he is working on and is ready for any joint venture.

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