Saturday, November 21, 2009

What You need to make money online? Nothing!

Guest Post by Simone Morris

Making money online is more and more popular in past months and I can freely say in past years, just look at Google search trends and you will understand what I am talking about.

Today I will to explain how sometime can be easy to make quick cash. Let say that there is a thousands ways to make money today using Internet. We will take CraigsList as great example. What we need to make $100 or $1000 weekly on CraigsList? Nothing! Don't believe? Ok, it is not nothing, but You need just some time and patience, and no money investment. We will talk about drop shipping today. So what is drop shipping? That is popular way for retailers to sell any merchandise without having it in stock. Actually, without having any stock at all. Or to be more precise, You can have physical online shop from shoes to iPods without leaving Your home or investing in stock. I hear You asking "how that is possible?", easy, that is something called drop shipping.

In drop shipping You make an online shop (buy domain for $10 and that is Your only money "investment"), use open source cart software like oSCommerce (absolutely free), decide which merchandise You will selling, for example, let say iPods, use Google to find manufacture which support drop shipping, and finally use CragsList and other free classifieds to promote Your business.

I know that You still believe that this what I am talking is possible. Ok, I will go again, step by step, and I hope that then everything will be clear. To become drop shipper seller You don't need money to invest. You don't need to have stock. You don't need to have anything. Nothing. Nada :) Now you for example decide to sell t-shirts. When You decided that Your future job will be an t-shirt online shop, you are buying domain something like or something. Then You are using Google to find company that will cooperate with you, or in other words, that will make t-shirts and send to Your clients. Just use Google. Then You need to find payment processor to accept credit card payments from your clients, and again use Google, I used plimus, authorize and similar services, it still cost you nothing, except of domain name (about $10 depending on your ISP.) After You found and signed online contract with payment processor, you need to build site, so You will use osCommerce or some other cart software, download images from manufacturer that You choose and create 10-50 products.

After this you are ready to go. Start posing ads on CraigsList and similar service attracting customers with low prices, high quality and similar of Your t-shirt. When people (buyers) start coming to Your site, and start buying Your t-shirts, what happens is next: when You receive money for order of 1 or 100 t-shirts, you are paying half of that su (approximately) to Your manufacturer and sending him Your buyer details (name and address), manufacturer packing Your order and sending to Your buyer. Buyer receives t-shirt and he is very satisfied. You made 30%-50% net profit and You are happy too. Manufacturer sold his products and made profit so he is happy to. All of You are happy :)

I hope that You understand that You can really make some money doing nothing, just with some initial work, good idea and a bit of creativity and patience.

Author Bio:
S. M. exploring and finding new and new ways and techniques to make money doing nothing. Visit my blog for many various ways for making money doing nothing on various usual but also unusual ways.

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